Five years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter while in pre-natal a women came in with her son to Speak with us, and she was wearing him. This was the first time I saw this, or at least the first time I paid any attention. Now I advocate for wearing your baby, and as a mom of three, I really advocate for wearing your baby. There were nights or days when I couldn’t get her to sleep, I would just snuggle her to me in my ring sling and away I would go about my business, she would be out in no time. While I was out in the community, if she was hungry, I could easily and discreetly nurse her. I felt so close and warm towards her, and she got a good sense of security from being up there. When I had my second and third child, wearing them was a God send, I would wrap them up in my Ergo and have my hands free to play with my other two, or get work done, I would also wrap them up for the same reasons. For me, there is nothing easier than wrapping my babies in and putting them to sleep with the rhythmic motions of my walking and cleaning. They would be close to my breast, close to my heart and close to me. There are numerous other benefits for wearing your baby, which I didn’t know at the time. The Le Leche League states that
in many cultures, babies are constantly in the arms of caregivers. Anthropologists and psychologists who study the behavior of mothers and babies have observed that when mothers and babies are together, they are constantly shaping one another’s behavior. When her baby whimpers or seems to be in distress, the mother responds and reassures her little one. If her baby seems hungry, she offers her breast. When the baby looks into her eyes, she smiles and talks to her baby, and her baby responds by gazing at her, smiling, or trying to “talk” in baby language. When babies encounter new people or new experiences, mothers and fathers who are holding them can help them overcome their fears and learn more about their world.

These sensitive, personality-shaping interactions happen most readily when babies are in the arms of their parents. When you wear your baby, the two of you move through your day together. You see the world from similar points of view. Your baby hears your voice as you talk to others, picks up on your emotions, and trusts you to provide safety and comfort. Even when a mother is focusing on other people or other tasks, a baby who is held in her arms or tucked into a sling is reassured by the physical contact. Wearing your baby provides closeness even when you cannot give your baby one hundred percent of your attention (The Benefits of Baby Wearing
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 21 No. 6, November-December 2004, p. 204-208 retrieved from
According to the very popular Dr and Martha Sears, slings babies cry less, learn more, are more organized, are humanized earlier and are smarter. (Adapted from

With benefits that are far more numerous than what I have listed here, even if it is not your plan, try wearing your baby. I have two wraps that I will no longer be using, and I am more than happy to let you try them, and teach you how to use them.


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