C section in Canada

I’ve been reading a really good book, Gentle Birth Choices, Barbara Harper,R.N. This book has been last updated in 2005. The author talks about the incline in C section rates in the US. This got me wondering where we in BC, Canada are sitting now? It’s a staggering 26% while the US is 29%. WHO (World Heath Organization, http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/85/10/06-039289/en/) is recommending that are rates be between 5-15%. However in some hospitals these rates are sitting at 30-40%. I believe that in some cases C Sections are needed as they have, in fact, saved the lives of mothers and babies, yet, I believe that the more educated our mothers become and asked more questions they ask, we could potentially save 25-35% from having one.

It’s not a statistical publication, but it is a good read. (Easier to read than stats, and uses accurate information) I will post the link with the actual statistics.

2012 C Section Rates in Canada, statistical findings.


Lets take birth back, one mother and one baby at a time!!! Demand information


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