About Candice

About Me

  • I am the mother of 3 children. 2, I delivered un-medicated; 1, I had with an epidural .
  • I am a behaviour interventionist and work with children living with autism and other disabilities.
  • I am a community counselor and with this under my belt, I have plenty of resources within the community.
  • I am fluent in ASL
  • I am passionate and energetic and this truly shows in all that I do.

A Bit about Why I Became a Doula

  • I didn’t know what a doula was when I was first pregnant. I worked for a woman, whom told me that she was a doula after I announced my pregnancy. Like many women, I said, “a Douwhat?”
  • During labour, she again was right there with me and my husband. With my second labour, I remember her walking into the delivery room and my body physically relaxing.
  • She provided support, compassion and knowledge. I felt Empowered and Safe with her, and she kept me calm and relaxed, reassuring me the entire time.
  • She was also there for my family and my husband, teaching them and showing them how they could best support me, so I felt their presence too.  You can often hear my husband say “I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

It was because of my positive experience that I became inspired to become a doula..  I believe that all women deserve this level of support, and I will provide this to you.  I love the work that I do; it is what I am meant to do.


My Belief

  • I believe that it is a women’s rite to birth the way she chooses and where she chooses.
  • My motto is, “Your body, your baby, your birth, your choice” and it is my goal to give you that.
  • I believe that birth is a story that you will remember for a life time. My goal is to assist you in achieving this birth story. Even if your birth doesn’t go exactly as planned, I aim to assist you in making the choices that allow for a great birth story.
  • I aim for you to have a memorable and satisfying experience during labour and delivery.
  • I believe in support and empowerment, I not only empower you the mother, but I support your partner as well giving them the knowledge they need to support you. I do not take away from your partner, but enhance what your partner can do for you.

Birthrite Doula Services provides birth photography, prenatal, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum support,  for families in BC, Tri-citiesPort MoodyCoquitlamPort CoquitlamAnmoreBelcarra, Surrey, Langley, BurnabyNew WestminsterPitt MeadowsMaple Ridge, Vancouver and surrounding areas.


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