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C section in Canada

I’ve been reading a really good book, Gentle Birth Choices, Barbara Harper,R.N. This book has been last updated in 2005. The author talks about the incline in C section rates in the US. This got me wondering where we in BC, Canada are sitting now? It’s a staggering 26% while the US is 29%. WHO (World Heath Organization, http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/85/10/06-039289/en/) is recommending that are rates be between 5-15%. However in some hospitals these rates are sitting at 30-40%. I believe that in some cases C Sections are needed as they have, in fact, saved the lives of mothers and babies, yet, I believe that the more educated our mothers become and asked more questions they ask, we could potentially save 25-35% from having one.

It’s not a statistical publication, but it is a good read. (Easier to read than stats, and uses accurate information) I will post the link with the actual statistics.

2012 C Section Rates in Canada, statistical findings.


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I was told I couldn’t and I DID!!

If you were ever told in your pregnancy or birth that you couldn’t and you did, I would like to hear about it. Please send your stories and a photo of you and the babe and I will share that story here as well as on my FB page. As women we should be heard and empower other women!!!

You are strong, let that shine.

I was told I couldn’t and I DID!

“When I was a teenager I was told I would never get pregnant due to treatment for cancer when I was a child. A few years later, although still a teenager, I accidentally became pregnant. During my first couple of appointments I was told I would not be able to carry my baby long enough for him to survive, and if I did, he could possibly be missing his kidneys (because of medication I had to take to keep my one working) and he may have many problems including mental disabilities and missing limbs. I was told to prepare for a c-section because I would most likely need one. 4 days before my due date I went to the doctor, he said he wanted to induce me the next day because my kidney was starting to fail.

The next day (3days before my due date) I gave birth naturally to a perfectly healthy 7pound 11 ounce baby boy after a 2 hour labor.

He is my miracle”

I was told I couldn’t and I DID!

“I was asked by my MIL whether I could breastfeed because I was small, and my Dr said there was a chance that I would have to supplement because I had a cyst removed on my right breast, I lost 500 ML (2 cups ) of blood and have been told by a nurse and doctor that it was a miracle I could breastfeed because I lost so much blood, and because of the possible scaring endured from the cyst removal, and stress I endured from a hard and traumatic birthing experience. But I made it through, I breastfed for 18 months, and healed from PTSD!! I never had to supplement, and NEVER had supplement issues, or any breastfeeding issues, it was smooth sailing! I do have a photo of my mum and nurses helping me breastfeed and one with my mum. Helping me breastfeed, it made me tear up because to see the amount of support there, to help breastfeeding.” Posted to FB
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I was told I couldn’t and I DID!

“I had my first daughter at 33+ weeks pregnant. With my second, I was told she was going to come early, they just didn’t know how early. They made me have the steroid injections, and I even had to take my maternity at 30 wks to try and prevent another premature delivery. My second daughter arrived at 39+ and was very healthy!”

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