Candice was such a great support

Thank you so much for being our doula! Your calming words, supportive hands, and easy going presents made a calm “easy” birth possible in a very hurried and harried situation. Candice was such a great support. My labour was quick, but I was so glad to have Candice there for keeping me calm, comfortable and focused. A great source of info and resources. Very sweet lady to work with.

– Carmela and Bill

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her

My doula fell ill shortly before my due date and referred me to Candice. We didn’t have a chance to do much pre-birth, but we did get together to meet and do some acupressure in an attempt to get my past-due baby to get his act together and come out to meet us. I ended up being induced due to several concerns, and Candice was amazing when my labour intensified suddenly and dramatically. She organised my family, having everyone do something that helped me cope. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her, and I can’t praise her care enough. She’s done some postpartum support for me as well, and has been so helpful, always available if I need anything.

– AJ and Matthew

We found Candice to be a great help and a good fit

We found Candice to be a great help and a good fit with what we were trying to achieve with our birth. Although we were not able to have our planned home birth, with her support we had a very empowering intervention-free birth, despite it being in a hospital setting. I am planning on recommending her to a pregnant friend of mine. =)

Adeline and Michael  

I am truly thankful for having met such a wonderful individual and used a doula during my pregnancy

When I got pregnant I think my body went through every feeling known to human kind, however I was soon brought back down to reality and began to see the bigger side of things. When Candice told me she was a doula and offered me her services I was overwhelmed and extremely thankful; to not only have such an amazing friend but it was more than that….going through the process of pregnancy is sometimes scary, overwhelming and very unpredictable, you don’t always know what are the right questions for you to be asking or even if what your feeling is even normal. Being a first time mom I was panicking about everything especially my delivery!! However as soon as those worries came the faster they seemed to fade and I wasn’t scared anymore! During the third trimester of my pregnancy Candice was there for me day and night and ya some might think omg overwhelming and are afraid to take that chance to trust a doula but when you meet someone as kindhearted and loving as Candice your pregnancy becomes a breeze! I was terrified like I said about my delivery but with Candice guiding me and teaching me how to breath correctly what right positions to get into when experiencing that pain! When I actually went into labour I followed Candice’s teaching to a tee! I felt relaxed, clearheaded and most of all happy that I was embarking on a new journey in my life and I was doing so with a smile on my face and not screaming in pain! When you meet Candice you will feel like you been touched by an angel I am not just saying this because she’s my friend but because she clearly loves what she does and it shows! I am blessed to have had her support and guidance during my labour and I know I couldn’t have had such an amazing birth if it wasn’t for her guidance and teachings I am truly thankful for having met such a wonderful individual and used a doula during my pregnancy.

Mary, Marco and Antonio


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